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Plain and simple user interface
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  • Who we are

    Established in 1984, Catsoft is a leading developer of accounting and tax software in Australia. While businesses and regulatory requirements have changed, our commitment has not. Then and now, we remain dedicated to providing quality software solutions that are both current and relevant, staying true to what Catsoft stands for: Contemporary Accounting and Taxation Software.

  • What we provide

    Competitive pricing on all our software
    • Plain and simple software interface
    • User friendly design and implementation
    • Long term solutions for accountants
    • Ongoing technical support for registered users
    • Quick and effective support turnaround

    NB. All Catsoft software are Windows-based, except for Scancat, Signcat, Signcat+ and STPcat which are mobile phone-based applications.


Recent Releases

17 Jun 2024

Taxcat 2024 full version released

5 Apr 2024

Taxcat 2024 FBT version released

30 Oct 2023

Signcat+ released for iPhone and Android mobile phones

25 Oct 2023

Scancat released for iPhone and Android mobile phones

9 Jun 2023

Taxcat 2023 full version released

12 Apr 2023

Taxcat 2023 FBT version released

13 Jun 2022

Taxcat 2022 full version released

25 Apr 2022

Taxcat re-released with Multi-Factor Authentication

10 Apr 2022

Taxcat 2022 FBT version released with Multi-Factor Authentication

17 Dec 2021

Taxcat updated with ELStagformat.2021

24 Jun 2021

Taxcat 2021 full version released

Catsoft Software

Catsoft provides smart solutions for your business

More about us

In 1984, two accountants in Melbourne decided that they could make better accounting applications than what was available in the marketplace. Their innovative ideas led to the development of Catsoft and the slogan “by accountants for accountants”.

The asset register, Catsoft Assets and finance lease software, Leasecat, were the first software packages to be produced under the Catsoft brand. These software packages greatly automated business processing and have since gained a reputation for ease of use and quality of reporting.

During the late 1980's, due to demand and the increasing pace of advancement in technology, Catsoft decided it was time to introduce another two software packages, for tax professionals: Taxcat and Ledgercat. Taxcat became popular among Tax Agents in assisting with the preparation and electronic lodgement of tax returns, while Ledgercat became the standard general ledger software our users would use to produce financial reports.

Catsoft is committed to continually developing and enhancing software to meet user needs. Our bar-code module has been a popular add-on to our Catsoft Assets. CatHub, a practice management software, was introduced to our Taxcat users to assist with client management, time billing, invoicing and trust accounting.

Taxcat continues to be enhanced with more Tax Agent friendly features including pre-filling of Individual Income Tax Returns and Activity Statements with information downloaded through Online Services for Agents or directly through SBR. Trust account management has never been easier than with the Taxcat's EFT Refund Tracking facility.

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