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Most common question about our services

What is the difference between Taxcat Standard and Advanced versions?

Taxcat Advanced contains added functionality over the Standard version, including:
✔ Single Touch Payroll Phase 2;
✔ Obligations Management services, e.g. Lodgment List, Progress and Client Communications.

How much does SignCat cost on an iPhone or an Android phone?

SignCat is free to download and use on both iPhone and Android platforms.

Does SignCat collect personal data, track my location or movement?

No, SignCat does not collect any data, nor does it track location or movement. Only the details that you register with Catsoft are needed to verify that you are who you are, for the purpose of accessing Catsoft software.


Download FAQ

Catsoft support team have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from Catsoft users to assist other user when they may encountered the same problems. Please click on the icons below to download the FAQ’s for the particular software.


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     Leasecat (FAQ’s)
    Ledgercat (FAQ’s)
    Taxcat (FAQ’s)
    VPN lodgement (FAQ’s)

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