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Catsoft Leasecat is a lease management software that has the functionality to produce reports and perform lease calculation from lessee or lessor perspective on finance leases, operating leases and hire purchases.


  • Register of lease details for operating leases, finance leases, and hire purchase from either a lessee/purchaser or lessor/dealer perspective.
  • Reports details include: cash flows, lease interest rates, lease terminations and summaries for journal entries.
  • Capability for lessee to sub-lease part or all of a leased asset to a third party lessee.
  • User definable options for interest charge method and amortisation method.
  • Custom report writer allows users to create their own reports with definable fields.
  • Automatically calculates the interest rate implicit in the lease contract. The lessee can enter an estimated interest rate, resulting in an adjusted fair value or obtain recommended alternative rental payments.
  • And lots more…..

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